Edipsos, Evia Island, Greece

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Evia Island is an island located off the north shore of Greece.  I had never heard of this island until the day before we bought our bus tickets to go there.  We knew we were not ready to leave Greece yet, but we wanted very much to leave Athens.

We realized that some of the highly advertised islands in the area, although beautiful, could be overpopulated and just as pricey as Athens; therefore, we would need to choose wisely.

About ten years ago, I became acquainted with nature’s hot springs.  I’ve enjoyed several throughout the US and many other countries.  I got hooked the first time I was able to soak my sore bones in the hot, soothing mineral water that bubbled up from the ground. Having heard that some of the islands surrounding Greece have these hot springs, I decided to base my search on that; hence, I found Evia Island.


After a bus ride of less than a hundred miles, which was continued by Ferry, we reached our destination in a little more than 3 hours.  Once we arrived at the ferry, everyone was asked to get off the bus.   Each passenger was required to buy a ticket to cross over to the island; a trip that took around an hour.  No one spoke English and we were not sure what to expect, so we just followed the crowd. We were surprised to find that Edipsos was located at the exact place we were getting off the boat.


The location of the hotel could not have been better:   a short walk from the bus station, a market right around the corner, a block up from the beach and a 10 minute walk to the thermal baths (a/k/a hot springs). The hotel, Dafni Studios, is an older building but very well kept, with marble floors, a tiny little elevator and a balcony overlooking the street lined with restaurants and shops.  At $30 a night we felt it was a steal. This price is common for most of the hotels in the area, which was surprising after what we had just left in Athens, not to mention this is a beautiful little island town.


After getting settled we were off to find the main attraction that had brought us to this island. The search for the hot springs was not difficult since all you need to do is follow the old folks walking down the street in their swimsuits, carrying beach bags, with a towel thrown over their shoulder.  It was very apparent that we had found a favorite hide-a-way for old guys, although not all were in that age bracket.

Since there is no time limit on going to the thermals, we could not wait to check out the water and decided to go back around 7:30 that evening.  Many people had the same idea and were laying around on the tops of rocks in pools of hot mineral water.  This was the highlight of our time spent in Evia Island.



Nights in Evia Island are also a big event. Every night, the street around the bay front is closed to traffic. A large variety of vendors set up, selling just about anything you could imagine.  Musicians, puppet shows, games, carnival type shows, different kinds of food, etc. were all along the streets on both sides, making a walk through the area a bit challenging as well as entertaining.  The first night we came across this event I thought they were having a special celebration, but after asking around I found out this happens every night. Each night we were there we would go down to check it out and found that every night the streets were just as crowded as the night before.

We enjoyed our stay on this little island but nothing lasts forever…

Next stop, Venice, Italy.


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