I have been a solo traveler for more than 20 years with the exception of a few trips.  It seems that every time I go on a trip, I come back with unusual stories that friends and even strangers love hearing. Therefore, I’ve decided to share those stories on this blog and hope to give someone a laugh or perhaps clear up the misconception that you need a lot of money to travel and see the world.blog 3

I never have been a planner when it comes to travel. When I get the “Wander Lust” my normal routine is to go on line, check in with Cheap Flights (or one of the other companies that offer specials) to find the current flight deals. If I find a great deal to some place I’ve never been before, I book before the price goes up.

Next step is doing a bit of research on the area and maybe booking the first night’s hotel to give me a point of destination. Most of the countries require the name of your hotel or an address upon arrival into their country.

Recently I’ve become more interested in extended travel and found that you cannot buy a one-way ticket to another country with plans to purchase the return at a different date. This makes for a little more difficult situation if you’re like me and like to take life day by day. There is also that 30 day maximum stay in another country rule, some being 3 month depending on the country.

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